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Meedio provides all in one or individual video solutions. Empower your products and workflows with a solution designed for your industry. It’s easy to integrate and provides maximum data security.

Experts in compliance and data security
GDPR compliant
No data collection
Based in EU
End-to-end encryption

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Meedio is fully customisable to specific use cases, it can be white-labelled, and is easy to integrate into websites or existing software.

Video Communication

End-to-end encrypted video communication with the option for adding queuing system, user administration and API access.
Customize and integrate your own video communication solution
Queuing system and other business specific features
Independently audited and GDPR-compliant
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Video Consultation

TÜV Certified Video Consultation, Trusted Site Data Privacy and Trusted Site Video Consultation. Approved for reimbursement. Option for adding queuing system.
Built for sharing sensitive information
Compliance helpdesk and premium technical support
 GDPR compliant
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End-to-end encrypted messenger compliant with the German telematics infrastructure.
Messenger developed for secure business communication 
Integrated, browser based and GDPR-compliant  
Interoperable TIM/KIM service  
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End-to-end encrypted video communication with, double screen sharing and the option for adding queuing system, user administration and API access.
Built for sharing sensitive information
Double screen-sharing functionality
End-to-end encrypted communication
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Here are the facts

Meedio is a certified end-to-end encrypted video solution fully customisable to your professional needs. Use it as stand alone solution or integrate it to your existing software products and workflows.

Best in class in privacy and

Data security and data privacy is at the very core of our DNA. Our software is designed to meet the strictest standards for compliance and data security.

End-to-end encrypted video calls
Data stored and processed in EU
No data collection
Certified and independently audited

Fully customizable to your brand and work flows

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all video solution. Meedio is more than just another video provider. We seek to become “your” solution by tailoring the way we deliver our service to your specific needs.

Integration to websites or software
Customised to use cases or workflows
Queue for incoming video calls
Pick and choose features, colors, etc.

Easy integration and API functionality

You don’t need a huge development department to integrate Meedio into your products. At Meedio we have made it easy to get started.

Easy-to-use API with documentation
Do-it-yourself or get help from our team of experts
Cloud or on-premise hosting
Premium support, if you get stuck

One product - individual solutions

We all have different needs and preferences, when it comes to video meetings. Whether you need easy-to-use and easy-to-join video meetings, having consultations with patients or sharing messages and files over a secure messenger, we got you covered.

A state-of-the-art video solution
A GDPR certified video consultation tool
A secure messenger with  filesharing
Independent or all in one solution

Trusted by leading industry organisations

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Meedio complies with the strict EU data security rules

DSGVO Konform
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GDPR Compliant
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