Meedio Announces Partnership with Miralix for Enhanced Customer Contact Management

July 8, 2024
We are delighted to announce our partnership with Miralix, the Danish leader in intelligent customer contact management. This collaboration will transform customer interactions by combining our secure video communication technologies with Miralix's innovative contact center solutions, allowing customers to conveniently upgrade a phone call to a video call.

Miralix offers a self-developed contact center and switchboard solution that ensures customer calls are handled swiftly and efficiently, whether received at the reception, in a customer service department, or any other part of the company. The system intelligently routes customers to the most qualified employee and can play pre-recorded messages such as offers or holiday opening hours before connecting to a live representative. Additionally, it provides options for callbacks or voicemails during high call volumes.

This partnership will integrate Meedio's state-of-the-art secure video communication technologies, featuring advanced end-to-end encryption and full GDPR compliance, with Miralix's sophisticated contact management solutions.

Our CEO Runi Hammer explains “The standout feature of this partnership is the seamless transition from a phone call to a video meeting. When a customer calls in via the Miralix solution and encounters an issue that is challenging to explain verbally, the conversation can effortlessly convert to a video meeting. This is achieved by sending an SMS link to the customer, enabling both the customer and manager to continue their discussion with the support of visual communication. They can also switch back to a telephone conversation if needed, ensuring flexibility and convenience.”

Miralix and Meedio – together, we are committed to enhancing the customer experience and service excellence for businesses, the overall efficiency, and the security.