A strong partner by your side

July 8, 2024
As Meedio Man, I am the protector of privacy and personal data in digital communication. You can find out how I do it here.

A strong partner by your side

I'm Meedio Man. And I have a mission: to make video and messenger communication in sensitive sectors like health and care completely secure.
I put an end to the theft of personal data and put users' privacy under my personal protection. I draw my strength from European values in data protection, commitment to the strict legal requirements of GDPR and obtaining necessary certifications.

With me by your side, you can rest assured that internet-based video communication and instant messaging conversations with ex. colleagues, citizens and patients are as private as behind closed doors in your office or medical practice.

Because: Secure communication is my strength.

I make sure that no sensitive information gets out to unauthorised persons via servers outside the European Data Space. In addition, I do not allow private information to be stolen from you and your counterpart and then reused elsewhere for unauthorised purposes.

Easy and secure digital communication

As Meedio Man, I make sure that the security of communication does not compromise the comfort of users. On the contrary, talking via video is extremely easy - both for healthcare and municipalities and for the external partners, who can connect via a web browser without prior registration. A highlight is quick contact via Meedio's encrypted messenger where short messages can be sent, as well as images, results or other relevant files.

By the way: I'm a big fan of simple and secure networks. After all, together you are always stronger than a lone wolf. And as befits a true hero, I'm constantly developing my superpowers to further my mission and make the world of digital communication even safer.

Do you also need Meedio Man's help? Then contact us at: we@meedio.me